Past Research Seminars

In 2020-21, speakers included Marius Hauknes (Notre Dame), Italian Ph.D. students Katie Sparrow (Notre Dame) and Giovanni Vedovotto (Notre Dame), and Italian M.A. students Francesca Leonardi and Ryan Faraghi.

In 2019-20, speakers included Sabrina Ferri (Notre Dame), Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja (Harvard), Roberta Morosini (Wake Forest), Justin Steinberg (Chicago), Italian Ph.D. student Valentina Geri (Notre Dame), and Italian M.A. students Magda Collazo, Davis Richardson, and Matías Sur (Notre Dame). Roberto Dainotto (Duke) and Massimo Riva (Brown) have rescheduled their research seminars for Spring 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2018-19, speakers included Charles Leavitt IV (Notre Dame), Dana Renga (Ohio State), Alberto Zambenedetti (Toronto), Alessia Ricciardi (Northwestern), Claudia Romanelli (Alabama), Lorenzo Fabbri (Minnesota), and Notre Dame Ph.D. student Lorenzo Dell'Oso (Notre Dame).

In 2017-18, speakers included Margaret Meserve (Notre Dame), Christopher Nygren (Pittsburgh), Jane Tylus (NYU), and Italian Ph.D. student Maria Sole Costanzo (Notre Dame).

In 2016-2017, speakers included Francesca Bordogna (Notre Dame), Joseph Francese (Michigan State), Rebecca Messbarger (Washington St. Louis), Heather Webb (Cambridge). Ruth Ben-Ghiat (NYU), and Notre Dame graduate students, Alberto LoPinto, Valentina Geri, Lorenzo Bonaiti, and Valentina Ciciliot.

In 2015-2016, speakers included Anne Leone (Notre Dame), Alan O'Leary (Leeds), Monica Seger (William and Mary), and David Lummus (Stanford).

In 2015, part of the Italian Research Seminar was occupied by the series of seminars on Dante's Other Works, in celebration of 750 years of Dante's birth.

In 2014, speakers included Giorgio Bertellini (Michigan), Martin Bloomer (Notre Dame), and Elsa Filosa (Vanderbilt).

In 2013-14 speakers included John P. Welle (Notre Dame), Karla Mallette (Michigan), Margaret Meserve (Notre Dame), David Forgacs (NYU), Simon Gilson (Warwick), Lucia Re (UCLA), and Notre Dame graduate students Xiaoyi Zhang, Martino Rabaioli, and James Cotton.

In 2012-13, speakers included Christian Moevs (Notre Dame), Simone Marchesi (Princeton), Steven Semes (Notre Dame), Denis Robichaud (Notre Dame), Bernd Goehring (Notre Dame), Martin McLaughlin (Oxford), Anne Leone (Notre Dame), George Corbett (St. Andrews) and Notre Dame graduate students Amanda Weppler and Damiano Benvegnu.

In 2011-12, the inaugural year of the Italian Research Seminars, speakers included Theodore J. Cachey (Notre Dame), Francesco Ciabattoni (Georgetown), Robert Gordon (Cambridge), Pierpaolo Polzonetti (Notre Dame), Notre Dame postdoc Charles Leavitt IV, Cambridge graduate students Beatrice Priest and Emily Gandolfi, and Notre Dame graduate student Sara Troyani.