Research Seminar Videos

Italian Research Seminars 2023-2024

The Dilemmas of Friendship in Dante's Italy

Elizabeth Coggeshall (Florida State University)

Desire, Anxiety, Shame: Transatlantic (Re)Mediations and 'Italian Culture'

Loredana Polezzi (Stony Brook University)

Boccaccio, The Disguised Revolutionary

Martin Eisner (Duke University)

Italian Research Seminars 2022-2023

How Contini Worked: The Critic’s ‘Scartafacci

Ryan Pepin (Notre Dame)

Permettereste a vostro figlio di sposare Lola?': Latent Fascism, American Culture, and Blackness in Postwar Italy

Jessica Harris (St. John’s)

Deadly Letters: Plague, Banditry, and Heresy in Early Modern Mail

Rachel Midura (Virginia Tech)

The “Literary Canon” of Early Venetian Humanism (1374-1446) between the Classics and the Moderns

Rino Modonutti (Padova)

A Biographical Bet: Fortune, Limits and New Directions of Dante's New Lives

Elisa Brilli (Toronto)

Italian Research Seminars 2021-2022

We, the People: Strategies of Representation in the Italian Novel

Roberto Dainotto (Duke)

A Real Phantasmagoria: The Great Belzoni Show

Massimo Riva (Brown)