Notre Dame Rome

Rome Centre 400

The Center for Italian Studies works closely with Notre Dame International through its Notre Dame Rome. Based in a renovated building on Via Ostilia within two blocks of the Colosseum, the Rome Gateway serves as the focal point for academic, cultural, and Catholic mission-related endeavors of the University in Rome.

Notre Dame’s presence in Rome dates back nearly five decades, through faculty research and student programs of the School of Architecture’s Rome Studies Program. It has expanded over the years through the participation of other colleges and schools, most notably, the College of Arts and Letters. Founded in 2014, the Gateway in Rome joins other Notre Dame Global Gateways in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, and London.

The facility in Rome serves as a home for student programs year-round and can also host events with up to 125 participants. Faculty office space, as well as patios and a terrace with views of the Colosseum, make this a versatile venue for academic conferences and special events.

Rome Seminar

Each year since 2011, an interdisciplinary seminar is the held at Notre Dame Rome, sponsored by the Center for Italian Studies along with the Nanovic Institute for European Studies in collaboration with various other departments and universities. In 2018, the seminar was redesigned with the aim of introducing graduate students from across the humanities to the unique primary sources available in Rome. Past seminars addressed topics such as Dante's theology, Italy and Ireland, Cinema Studies, and more.

Sponsored Events in Rome

The Center for Italian Studies sponsors events at Notre Dame Rome in addition to the Rome Seminar. These events include signature colloquia on Dante as well as collaborations with local universities.

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