Kendra Lyimo interned at the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome as part of the Spring 2023 Rome International Scholar program.
The Center for Italian Studies actively supports research in Italian Studies by providing financial assistance through various grants and fellowships designed for undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and visiting researchers. We invite applications and inquiries from individuals across various academic disciplines seeking support to advance research that aligns with the Center's mission to promote the study of Italy's languages, cultures, and peoples.

For undergraduate and graduate students

The Center is committed to enhancing learning experiences outside the traditional classroom setting, offering a variety of undergraduate grants covering research, internships, and language studies. It also supports graduate education and postdoctoral research through diverse opportunities such as research funding, specialized training programs, and comprehensive career support initiatives. 

For Faculty

The Center aims to contribute to the continued success and advancement of Notre Dame faculty research in Italy by providing an array of diverse funding opportunities. In doing so, it not only nurtures academic excellence but also fortifies the ties between Notre Dame and the rich intellectual and cultural tapestry of Italy. This commitment to supporting faculty research aligns with the university's broader mission, promoting a global perspective and contributing to the advancement of knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, and enrichment of academic scholarship. 

For Visiting Researchers

The Center provides external scholars with targeted funding for research at Notre Dame or in Italy, aiming to cultivate international collaboration, interdisciplinary engagement, and meaningful scholarly pursuits.
 For further inquiries and assistance, please contact the Center at