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The Rome Global Gateway, based in a newly renovated building on Via Ostilia within two blocks of the Colosseum, serves as the focal point for academic, cultural, and Catholic mission-related endeavors of the University in Rome. Notre Dame’s presence in Rome dates back nearly five decades, through faculty research and student programs of the School of Architecture’s Rome Studies Program. It has expanded over the years through participation of other colleges and schools, most notably, the College of Arts and Letters.

The facility serves as a home for student programs year-round. The facility can also host events with up to 125 participants. Faculty office space as well as patio and terrace views of the Colosseum make this a versatile venue for academic conferences and special events.

Students may also benefit from a robust internship program at the Rome Global Gateway.  

Theodore J. Cachey Jr., the Albert J. and Helen M. Ravarino Family Director of Dante and Italian Studies at the University of Notre Dame, was the inaugural academic director of the University’s Global Gateway in Rome. As the gateway’s director, Cachey worked with Notre Dame colleagues—and other partners from across Italy, Europe, and elsewhere—to increase the University’s engagement in the world through student programs, research, scholarly conferences and events, and a variety of outreach initiatives. Heather Hyde Minor (Professor of Art History, Notre Dame) was appointed academic director of the Rome Global Gateway in July 2017. Hyde Minor is an expert in 17th- and 18th-century European art with a special interest in Rome, as well as the intellectual history of art history and prints and print culture. During her two-year term, Hyde Minor will hold full academic oversight of the Gateway, including the Rome undergraduate program and efforts to enhance the University’s research profile in Rome and beyond. 

Through Notre Dame International, the University also maintains Global Gateways in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, and London.

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