Commemorating Dante in 2021

Dante Alighieri

In commemoration of the seven-hundredth anniversary of Dante's death in 2021, the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies and the Center for Italian Studies are organizing and sponsoring a number of special events.

Events hosted at Notre Dame and the Rome Global Gateway

Dante in America Lecture Series & the Ravarino Lecture in Italian Studies

In the Spring and Fall Semesters of 2021, there will be a series of lectures on the topic of Dante in America. The Spring campus events will include an exhibit on the Dante holdings in Rare Books and Special Collections in Hesburgh Libraries. There will also be a special edition of the annual Ravarino lecture on Dante and religious culture in the United States, delivered by Peter S. Hawkins (Yale University, Divinity School).

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OVI Seminar Series on "Linguistic and Literary Perspectives on Dante's Works"

Each Spring semester since 2016, in partnership with the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano, the Center for Italian Studies sponsors a series of video conference seminars conducted in Italian on various topics regarding early Italian literature, philology, and lexicography. This sixth series of seminars covers a wide range of topics related to Dante's works to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the poet's death. The confirmed speakers are (in order of appearance): Gabriella Albanese - Paolo Pontari, Leonardo Francalanci, Pär Larson, and Helena Phillips-Robins.

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Book Presentation Series on Dante at the Rome Global Gateway

This series of four seminars will highlight recently published books on Dante and will take place between November 2020 and May 2021. Authors and editors will include Zygmunt G. Barański, Theodore J. Cachey, Stefano Carrai, Giulio Ferroni, Luca Lombardo, Roberto Rea, and Justin Steinberg. The authors and editors of the books will be present at the four meetings hosted at the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway and streamed in collaboration with the Center for Italian Studies and the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies at the University of Notre Dame, and with Ca' Foscari Venezia University, which, together with the University of Toronto, hosts the research project VERTEXCULT (Vernacular Textual Cultures in Dante's Tuscany: Education and Literary Practices in Context, ca. 1250 - ca. 1321).

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Workshop on Themes, Traditions, and Cultures in Dante

On May 13-14, Notre Dame will host a two-day workshop on "Themes, Traditions, and Cultures in Dante / Temi, tradizioni e culture nelle opere di Dante" on Zoom (originally scheduled to be held at the Rome Global Gateway). Invited speakers include: Simon Gilson (University of Oxford), Anna Pegoretti (University of Rome III), Paola Nasti (Northwestern University), Giuseppe Ledda (University of Bologna), Simone Marchesi (Princeton University), Luca Marcozzi (University of Rome III), Catherine Keen (University College London), Mira Mocan (University of Rome III), George Corbett (University of St. Andrews), Luca Bianchi (University of Milan), Henrike Lange (University of California, Berkeley), Silvia Maddalo (University of Tuscia), Gary Cestaro (Depaul University), and Antonio Montefusco (Ca' Foscari University of Venice).

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The Conway Lectures in Medieval Studies at the Medieval Institute

In September 2021, the Conway Lectures of Notre Dame's Medieval Institute will celebrate the Medieval Institute's 75th anniversary along with the Dante commemoration with three lectures on Dante from the perspectives of other disciplines. The speakers will be Simon Gilson (Oxford), Carol Lansing (UC, Santa Barbara), and Areli Marina (Kansas).

Events co-sponsored by the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies

"Voci sull'Inferno di Dante: Viaggio verso il settimo centenario" / "Voices on Dante's Inferno: A Journey towards the 700th Anniversary of the Poet’s Death"

Dante And Virgil Holkham Hall

To mark the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, the Institut für Italianistik of the University of Basel and the Center for Italian Studies with the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies at the University of Notre Dame have organized a critical reading of the Inferno under the direction of Professors Maria Antonietta Terzoli (Basel) and Zygmunt Barański (Notre Dame) and Dr. Vincenzo Vitale (Basel). The events will take place at the University of Basel in a series five meetings, each of two and a half days, that are scheduled for the Spring and Autumn between March 2019 and March 2021.Invited speakers will include Simone Albonico, Erminia Ardissino, Andrea Battistini, Francesco Bausi, Theodore Cachey, Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja, Stefano Carrai, Catherine Keen, Simon Gilson, Claire Honess, Giorgio Inglese, Franziska Meier, Paola Nasti, Anna Pegoretti, Lino Pertile, Donato Pirovano, Claudia Villa, Heather Webb, and Michelangelo Zaccarello.

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The Tradition of English Translations of Dante's Works

In collaboration with the Centre for Dante Studies at the University of Leeds, the Center for Italian Studies and Devers Family Program in Dante Studies are organizing a conference on the history of translating Dante into English, to be held in Leeds in March 2022.

Workshops on Dante's Antipurgatorio

The aim of this series of closed workshops on the first nine cantos of Dante's Purgatorio and associated themes is to begin to assess the functions, structures, and principal concerns of the "Ante-Purgatory," arguably the most original section of Dante's afterlife. Starting in January 2021, the workshops will meet via Zoom and will culminate in a meeting in May 2022 at the Rome Global Gateway. The schedule of events is:

Session I, January 22, 2021: Giuseppe Ledda (Bologna) on Purgatorio 1-2
Session II, February 12, 2021: George Corbett (St Andrews) on Purgatorio 3-4
Session III, March 5, 2021: Heather Webb (Cambridge) on Purgatorio 5-6
Session IV: October 15, 2021: Caroline Dormor (Oxford) on Purgatorio 7-8
Session V: December 3, 2021: Federica Pich (Leeds) on Purgatorio 9
Session VI: January 21, 2022: James Kriesel (Villanova) on Marvels in the "Ante-Purgatory"
Session VII: February 11, 2022: Anna Pegoretti (Rome Tre) on Cognition and Persuasion in the "Ante-Purgatory"
Session VIII: May 2022: Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. on Mapping in the "Ante-Purgatory"