Italian professor publishes new book on Dante’s work

Author: Charles Leavitt




Christian Moevs, associate professor of Romance languages at the University of Notre Dame, has published a book in which he sheds new light on the interpretation of DantesDivine Comedy.

InThe Metaphysics of Dantes ‘Comedy,Moevs explores Dantes metaphysics – his understanding of reality – and argues that if we are to resolve the central problem of theComedysclaim that the status of revelation, vision or experiential record is more %% than imaginative literature, then Dantes metaphysics must be recovered.

Through this exploration, Moevs arrives at the conclusion that Dante believed that all of what we perceive as reality is a creation or projection of conscious being, which can only be known as oneself.

A Notre Dame faculty member since 1994, Moevs specializes in Dante, medieval Italian literature, lyric poetry and poetics, and the intersection between literature and philosophy. %% He also serves as a faculty fellow in the Medieval Institute.

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