Italian Honors & Awards

Students and faculty of Italian are rewarded for their dedication to Italian language, literature, and culture through prestigious awards and honors. We are pleased to highlight these accomplishments here.

Italian Faculty Awards

The dedicated faculty at the Center for Italian Studies contributes significantly to Notre Dame's excellence in Italian studies. A list of recent awards conferred upon the Italian faculty at Notre Dame is listed below.

Student Awards

Thanks to the expertise and guidance provided by the Italian faculty, students of Italian at Notre Dame have the opportunity to excel and earn prestigious awards, ensuring that Notre Dame's commitment to Italian culture, language, and literature remains at the forefront of their academic pursuits. A list of recent awards conferred upon students of Italian at Notre Dame is listed below.

Gamma Kappa Alpha - National Italian Honor Society

The Gamma Kappa Alpha National Italian Honor Society acknowledges exceptional academic achievement in the field of Italian language, literature, and culture. It welcomes members from institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada and aims to inspire college students to develop a profound interest in and a deeper understanding of Italian culture, art, and history.

Students of Italian at Notre Dame are encouraged to seek membership in Gamma Kappa Alpha. To qualify for membership, a student must have completed a minimum of five Italian courses (the fifth course can be a current one), maintained at least a B average in these courses, and be in the top third of their graduating class. The Department covers the membership fee, which is directed to the national GKA office to support the creation of an impressive certificate suitable for framing.

New members into Gamma Kappa Alpha will be formally inducted into the society during the Italian Studies Honors Convocation in the Spring. Additionally, members will be honored during the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures' annual Recognition Ceremony in May.


The Joseph Italo Bosco Award

This award is conferred upon a graduating senior in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of Italian Studies.

Italian Studies Honors Convocation

An annual event featuring a guest speaker, the bestowal of the Joseph Italo Bosco Award for Excellence in Italian Studies, the presentation of the Ravarino Travel Scholarships, and the initiation of new members into the Italian National Honor Society, Gamma Kappa Alpha, a society with which Notre Dame has a longstanding affiliation.''

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