Voices on Dante's Inferno: A Journey towards the 700th Anniversary of the Poet’s Death: Session V

(part of a series)

Location: University of Basel


Il problema della lingua: il ‘De vulgari eloquentia’ e l'‘Inferno’

This is the final session in a series of five taking place from 2019-2021 to mark the 700th anniversary of Dante's death. Click here for more details on the collaborative project.

Speakers include: Zygmunt G. Barański (Notre Dame), Theodore J. Cachey (Notre Dame), Stefano Carrai (Scuola Normale Supeiore di Pisa), Claire Honess (Leeds), and Maria Anonietta Terzoli (Basel).

The full program may be found here (PDF, 4.3 MB).

This session will be held online via videoconference. If you are interested in participating, please write to carmen.naegelin@unibas.ch.