Voices on Dante's Inferno

A Journey towards the 700th Anniversary of the Poet’s Death

Voci sull'Inferno di Dante: Viaggio verso il settimo centenario

Dante And Virgil Holkham Hall

To mark the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, the Institut für Italianistik of the University of Basel and the Center for Italian Studies with the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies at the University of Notre Dame have organized a critical reading of the Inferno under the direction of Professors Maria Antonietta Terzoli (Basel) and Zygmunt Barański (Notre Dame) and Dr. Vincenzo Vitale (Basel). The events will take place at the University of Basel in a series five meetings, each of two and a half days, that are scheduled for the Spring and Autumn between March 2019 and March 2021.Invited speakers will include Simone Albonico, Erminia Ardissimo, Andrea Battistini, Francesco Bausi, Theodore Cachey, Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja, Stefano Carrai, Catherine Keen, Simon Gilson, Claire Honess, Giorgio Inglese, Franziska Meier, Paola Nasti, Anna Pegoretti, Lino Pertile, Donato Pirovano, Claudia Villa, Heather Webb, and Michelangelo Zaccarello.

Click here to download the poster for the series (PDF, 3.7MB).

Read about the aims of the meetings in an article in Corriere dell'italianità by Prof. Terzoli (PDF, 547KB).

Details will be posted below as each date approaches.

March 6-8, 2019: Cantos 1-7 (Introduction to the'Inferno’)

  • Speakers: Andrea Battistini, Simon Gilson, Franziska Meier, Lino Pertile, and Maria Antonietta Terzoli
  • Download the program (PDF, 2.7MB).
  • The first meeting was written up in Il Corriere degli Italiani (PDF, 611KB).

October 23-25, 2019: Cantos 8-14 (The Composition and Transmission of the 'Inferno')

  • Speakers: Zygmunt G. Barański, Giorgio Inglese, Anna Pegoretti, Claudia Villa, Michelangelo Zaccarello
  • Download the program (PDF, 1MB).

March 11-13, 2020 September 9-11, 2020: Cantos 15-21 (Love and Guilt: The 'Vita nova', lyric experience and the 'Inferno')

  • Speakers: Simone Albonico, Erminia Ardissino, Catherine Keen, Donato Pirovano, Vincenzo Vitale
  • Download the program (PDF, 2.5MB)

October 21-23, 2020: Cantos 22-28 (Doctrine and Damnation: The 'Convivio' and the 'Infernno')

  • Speakers: Francesco Bausi, Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoia, Paola Nasti, Vincenzo Vitale, Heather Webb
  • Download the program (PDF, 1MB)

March 10-12, 2021: Cantos 29-34 (The Problem of Language: The 'De vulgari eloquentia' and the 'Inferno')

  • Speakers: Zygmunt G. Barański, Theodore J. Cachey, Stefano Carrai, Claire Honess, Maria Antonietta Terzoli
  • Download the program (PDF, 1MB)