The Center for Italian Studies supports undergraduate education on campus through close relationships with multiple departments and programs, but especially with the undergraduate program in Italian housed in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. With the faculty of Italian, the Center also contributes resources to cultural activities such as Dante Now! and the Italian Community Concert.

Affiliated undergraduate programs

Italian Studies

While focusing on language proficiency students explore and study Italian literature and culture. The Italian Studies Program offers primary and supplementary majors or minors. Language, literature, and culture form an integrated whole in a curriculum with great flexibility and variety. Courses explore the breadth of Italian literature and culture, from the duecento to the present, from literature to film and politics, and teach advanced skills in analysis, critical thinking, and lucid writing.


Curriculum focuses on traditional and classical architecture and urbanism, a tradition that runs from ancient Greece and Rome through the founding of the United States and on into the present. The School of Architecture encourages undergraduate students to participate in one of four concentrations: Furniture Design, Preservation and Restoration, Architectural Practice and Enterprise, and Building Arts.

Art History

Art History at Notre Dame is designed to equip students with a broad overview of the development of Western art and to provide them with an in-depth knowledge of particular periods, problems, and research methods. Both majors and minors are available.


Study the history and languages of the ancient Mediterranean world – birthplace of western culture. This interdisciplinary program explores everything from history and drama to art, archaeology, philosophy, and law. Students may pursue a major or minors in Greek, Latin, Classical Civilization, Arabic Studies or Mediterranean/Middle East Studies.


The study of history exposes undergraduates to life in the past as it was experienced by the people of Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Courses contribute to an understanding of Western culture and its roots, as well as Middle Eastern, East Asian, Native American, and African-American history.

Medieval Studies

A premier locus for the study of the European Middle Ages, as well as Islamic, Jewish, Eastern and Western Christian studies. Medieval Studies offers four tracks, draws from eleven disciplines. Students may build a unique program of study, emphasizing Italy if they wish.