Ph.D. Student in Italian Co-Edits New Book on Dante

Author: Staff

Giovanni Vedovotto

La Cultura Di Dante

We are pleased to announce that Giovanni Vedovotto, a doctoral student in Italian, has recently co-edited a new publication, La cultura di Dante (Treviso: B#S Edizioni, 2022).

The volume brings together contributions offering diverse perspectives on Dante’s cultural contexts and sources. The essays probe the poet’s fertile dialogue with the literary tradition, including classical Latin literature, texts in the Italian vernacular, and canonical patristic and scholastic works.

Giovanni Vedovotto is a fifth year PhD candidate in Italian Studies. He graduated from Università degli Studi di Padova with both a BA and a MA, focusing in particular on Italian Renaissance epic poetry. At Notre Dame, he is currently completing a dissertation on Dante’s relationship to Saint Francis and Franciscanism.