New Book by Prof. Keith Bradley Explores Marguerite Yourcenar's Mémoires d'Hadrien

Author: Staff


K. Bradley's book cover.
In his latest publication, Marguerite Yourcenar’s Hadrian: Writing the Life of a Roman EmperorKeith Bradley, Emeritus Professor of Classics and Affiliate of the Center for Italian Studies,  explores the intricacies of Marguerite Yourcenar's renowned novel, Mémoires d'Hadrien.
Published in 1951, Mémoires d'Hadrien  stands as Yourcenar's vivid portrayal of the life of the Roman emperor Hadrian. Prof. Bradley examines the novel from various angles, exploring the challenges and complexities of writing Roman imperial biography.

Drawing from Yourcenar's correspondence, interviews, and extensive literary works, Prof. Bradley sheds light on Yourcenar's meticulous research process and her profound understanding of ancient evidence. He focuses on the historical problems posed by the novel's depiction of Hadrian and compares Yourcenar's approach to that of conventional Roman biographers.

Marguerite Yourcenar’s Hadrian offers readers a deeper insight into the methods and motivations behind Yourcenar's literary recreation, highlighting the blurred lines between imaginative storytelling and historical speculation.

This insightful exploration promises to captivate both literary enthusiasts and history buffs alike.