Early 70s Italian Cinema

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Early70s Cinema

Through a partnership with the Center for Italian Studies, Notre Dame Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, and the David A. Heskin and Marilou Brill Endowment for Excellence, this course looks at the period after the political and cultural turbulency of the 1960s and how that rerouted many already-celebrated filmmakers’ styles while creating new pathways for emerging directors. During the early 1970s, that mix of old and new led to intriguing films around the world with Italy being no exception. This course, which will bring in leading Italian film scholars from both on campus and around the nation, will look at this period of Italian cinema as both a transitional period and one with fully articulated techniques through sampling filmmakers at various stages of their careers.

Scheduled Films
August 24: Amarcord
August 31: Decameron
September 7: No Screening
September 14: The Conformist
September 21: Death in Venice
September 26: The Hidden Renaissance
October 5: Deep Red

October 12: Seven Beauties

Center for Italian Studies
Notre Dame Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
David A. Heskin and Marilou Brill Endowment for Excellence
The course is $14 total and free for HC, IUSB, ND, SMC, and local HS students. That includes a ticket to each of the films, course readings, and discussions after the films. You can sign up at the above-linked enrollment page (linked again here for convenience), in person at the box office (e.g., when arriving for the first film), or phone the box office at 574.631.2800. We hope that the price point opens the class to many people, but also recognize that it's a lot of money for some folks. If it will be a barrier to enrolling, then please let me know.
Some quick answers to FAQ's:
1. Yes, you can join the class if you miss the first couple screenings.
2. No, attendance is not required.
3. Yes, you can attend films individually without signing up for the class.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email Ricky Herbst.