Conference in Rome: "Dante's Intellectual Formation"

Author: Anne Leone

"Dante's Intellectual Formation"

March 13-14, 2014, Notre Dame Center in Rome, 15 Via Ostilia, 00184

To mark the opening of the University of Notre Dame’s new building in Rome, Italian Studies at Notre Dame has organized a short seminar on 13-14 March, 2014 on "Dante's Intellectual Formation," a subject which, in recent years, has moved to the forefront of Dante studies. The seminar is divided into three sessions: “Context”, “Philosophy and Law,” and “Religion.” Three speakers will present at each session, and a group of discussants -- scholars from Italy, the UK and the US -- will respond to the papers.

Given the nature and organization of the seminar, which is based on discussing papers that have been pre-circulated, participation in the seminar is by invitation only. Please see the full conference program for further particulars. Sponsored by the Devers Program in Dante Studies, the Office of Research and Italian Studies at Notre Dame