A Special Screening of L’Inferno by Francesco Bertolini

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Inferno 1

As part of the 21st Week of Italian Language in the World, and organized by the Embassy of Italy, IIC Washington DC, there will be a special screening of L'Inferno (1911), a silent movie by Francesco Bertolini, Giuseppe de Liguoro and Adolfo Padovan. L'Inferno is the first big budget production in the history of Italian cinema. Inspired by the famous engravings by Gustave Doré, the film was an unprecedented colossal: 3 years in the making, a cast of 150, 100 sets and a huge box office success in Europe and the US. Adapted from Inferno, the first part of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, and only available in damaged or censored copies, the film was restored to its full glory by L’Immagine Ritrovata Lab - Cineteca di Bologna.

For this special screening, Italian jazz saxophonist, Marco Castelli, recorded an original soundtrack live to accompany the most visionary of Italian silent films. The screening will feature also a special commentary by John P. Welle, Professor Emeritus of Italian Studies at the University of Notre Dame and expert on Italian Silent Cinema.

Directed by Francesco Bertolini, Giuseppe de Liguoro and Adolfo Padovan

Italy, 1911 - 30’


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