Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante's Comedy: Workshop


Location: 121 Information Technology Center

Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante's Comedy

A four-year workshop and lecture programme hosted by the Department of Italian at Cambridge University.

Beginning 18 October and continuing over four years, a team of Dante experts from the U.K. and abroad will carry out a series of public lectures on the Comedy that explore the "vertical" connections between cantos of the same number across all three canticles. This is the first time that this method of reading (a method that has been discussed by Dante scholars and executed very successfully in studies of single cantos) will be systematically employed to tackle the entire poem.

The Department of Italian at Cambridge has partnered with the Dante Centres at Leeds and Notre Dame for this project; workshops will be led alternately by each of those centres and connected by teleconference. The project has been funded for 2012-2013 by the Department of Italian at Cambridge and CIRN.

Program for 2012

Workshops will be held at 11.30am (EST), and will be broadcast via teleconference. Lectures will begin at 1pm in Cambridge, and they will be available for viewing at a later date.

Thursday 18th October
Inferno I, Purgatorio I, Paradiso I: lecture by GEORGE CORBETT and HEATHER WEBB at 1pm (to be broadcast later)

workshop on Inferno I at 11.30am

Thursday 8th November
Inferno II, Purgatorio II, Paradiso II: lecture by MATTHEW TREHERNE at 1pm (to be broadcast later)

workshop on Purgatorio II at 11.30am, teleconference in Room 121, ITC

Thursday 22nd November

Inferno III, Purgatorio III, Paradiso III: lecture by VITTORIO MONTEMAGGI

workshop on Paradiso III at 11.30am, teleconference location tbc (please contact

Program for 2013

Thursday 31st January 

Inferno IV, Purgatorio IV, Paradiso IV: lecture by JOHN MARENBON

workshop at 11.30am

Thursday 14th February 

Inferno V, Purgatorio V, Paradiso V: lecture by ROBIN KIRKPATRICK

workshop at 11.30am

Thursday 28th February 

Inferno VI, Purgatorio VI, Paradiso VI: lecture by CLAIRE HONESS

workshop at 11.30am

Thursday 2nd May

Inferno VII, Purgatorio VII, Paradiso VII: lecture by SIMON GILSON

workshop at 11.30am

Thursday 16th May 

Inferno VIII, Purgatorio VIII, Paradiso VIII

Thursday 24th October 

NINES (Zygmunt Baranski)

Thursday 7th November

TENS (Robert Durling)

Thursday 21st November 


Program for 2014

Thursday 30th January 


Thursday 13th February


Thursday 27th February

FOURTEENS (Catherine Keen)

Thursday 1st May

FIFTEENS (Simone Marchesi)

Thursday 15th May


Thursday 29th May


Please contact if you would like to participate in the upcoming workshops, which will take place via teleconference.