University of Notre Dame

Italian Studies

  • palazzo della civiltà del lavoro,
  • Miramare castle
  • Tempio di Vesta, Foro romano
  • The Italian Alps
  • Mole Antolleniana, Torino
  • Vespa
  • La fontana del nettuno, Bologna
  • San Gimignano
  • Cobblestone street in Umbria
  • Piazza San Carlo, Torino

Drawn together by a shared interest in the culture and people of Italy—past, present, and future—the community of scholars who comprise Italian Studies at Notre Dame come from a diverse array of academic disciplines.

We invite you to join in our exploration of why all roads still lead to Italy.

On Thursday September 18 at 3:30pm in Special Collections, Hesburgh Libraries, please join us for a workshop on "Theological Culture in Dante's Florence," led by the organizers of the AHRC-funded Project "Dante and Late Medieval Florence: Theology in Poetry, Practice and Society": Matthew Treherne, Claire Honess and Nicolo' Maldina (Leeds), and Anna Pegoretti (Warwick). 


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