Inclusive Language Pedagogy with Karolina Serafin



This workshop seeks to analyze how our daily practices can create a more inclusive and equitable environment. From the moment the students enter into our classrooms, our decisions influence them in different ways, but each decision, even the seemingly small ones, can have a significant impact on our success in creating a welcoming environment for everyone. How can we adjust our teaching approaches and curricula to accommodate and welcome all students, without paying the ultimate price of burning out our passion for the profession? How can we strengthen what we already do to make it more explicit and help the students from different backgrounds to succeed in our courses?

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Karolina Sarafin is a Senior Lecturer in both French and Italian and Director of Language Instruction in Italian at Indiana University Bloomington. She received her MA and PhD in Italian Literature from Warsaw University in Warsaw, Poland, and received an MA in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Notre Dame. Her research interests include teaching culture and stereotypes in second language classrooms as well as online and hybrid pedagogy.

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