Meet the Author: Amara Lakhous

Location: Zoom

Amara Lakhous

Amara Lakhous, an Algerian-born Italian author, journalist, and anthropologist, will speak with students about his 2006 book Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a Piazza Vittorio (translated into English in 2008 as Clash of Civilizations over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio).

“A small culturally mixed community living in an apartment building in the center of Rome is thrown into disarray when one of the neighbors is murdered. […] Each character takes his or her turn center-stage, recounting his or her story—the dramas of emigration, the daily equivocations of immigration, the fears and misunderstandings of a life spent on society’s margins...”

Lakhous will be visiting Italian 101, 110, and 102 classes at 9:10 -10:00 am and 11:40 am-12:30 pm on Friday, November 6.

Members of the Notre Dame community are welcome to join. If you would like to receive the link to join one of these sessions, please send an email to or, indicating your preferred time.

This event is organized by faculty affiliate, Tiziana Serafini.