Seminar: “Reconsidering Dante and Brunetto Latini (and Bono Giamboni)”

(part of a series)

Location: Rome Global Gateway

“Reconsidering Dante and Brunetto Latini (and Bono Giamboni)”

Notre Dame's Rome Global Gateway, 15 Via Ostilia, 00184, on May 18-19, 2017

This meeting, sponsored by the Devers Program in Dante Studies, has been organized in connection with the Research Project: “Dante’s Florentine Vernacular Culture, 1280-1301”, which is being undertaken by Luca Lombardo (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Italian Studies at Notre Dame’s Global Gateway), under the leadership of Zyg Barański and Theodore Cachey. The main aim of the Seminar is to begin to reconsider Dante’s relationship to Brunetto by endeavouring to examine their possible connections less in light of Inferno XV as is normally done, not least because the canto constitutes a seeming ‘point of arrival’ and ‘of resolution’, but rather in terms of their possible earlier and evolving contacts whether historical or textual. In this respect, an important aspect of the re-evaluation is the emphasis that we would like to place on the Florentine cultural, social, and political context of the last twenty years of the thirteenth century—an emphasis that we have chosen to signal by including Bono Giamboni’s name in the ‘seminar’ title. The languages of the seminar are Italian and English. Given the nature and organization of the seminar, participation is by invitation only.


Johannes Bartuschat (Zürich)

“Il Libro dei vizi e delle virtudi di Bono Giamboni e la cultura toscana del Duecento”


Stefano Carrai (Siena)

“Brunetto, Dante e l’invenzione della terzina”


Giulia Gaimari (UCL)

"False Judgements and Discretion in Dante's Early Works: Outdoing Brunetto's Mastery?"


Catherine Keen (UCL)

“Vernacular eloquence between Brunetto and Dante”


Luca Lombardo (Notre Dame)

“ ‘Sieti raccomandato il mio Tesoro’: Libri in volgare nella Firenze di Dante e Brunetto (1280-1293)”


Anna Pegoretti (Ca' Foscari)

“Brunetto, il sistema dei saperi e il progetto del Convivio”


Invited Discussants

Pietro Beltrami (Pisa)

Elisa Brilli (Toronto)

Lorenzo Dell’Oso (Notre Dame)

Paolo Falzone (Rome La Sapienza)

Sonia Gentili (Rome La Sapienza)

Filippo Gianferrari (Notre Dame)

Giorgio Inglese (Rome La Sapienza)

Tristan Kay (Bristol)

Nicolò Maldina (Leeds)

Enrico Malato (Naples Federico II)

Luca Marcozzi (Roma Tre)

Giuliano Milani (Rome La Sapienza)

Mira Mocan (Roma Tre)

Paola Nasti (Reading)

Lino Pertile (Harvard)



Zygmunt Barański (Notre Dame; Cambridge)

Theodore Cachey (Notre Dame)

Anne Leone (Notre Dame)