Research Seminar: Damiano Benvegnu, George Corbett, Anne Leone and Amanda Weppler


Location: Special Collections in the Hesburgh Library

Italian Research Seminar: Graduate and Postdoctoral Research

Thursday April 18th, 2012 at 4:30pm in Special Collections, Hesburgh Library

Damiano Benvegnu (PhD Candidate, Notre Dame), " 'Le più liete creature del mondo': Giacomo Leopardi and the Language of Birds"

George Corbett (Junior Research Fellow, Cambridge), " 'Noi siam vermi / nati a formar l'angelica farfalla': Pride in the theology of Dante's Purgatory"

George Corbett is Junior Research Fellow of Trinity College, and Affiliated Lecturer of the Department of Italian, the University of Cambridge. He specialises in medieval philosophy and theology with a particular focus on Dante. He is also interested in classical and medieval Latin literature, as well as medieval and renaissance literature in English and Italian. He is the author of Dante and Epicurus: A Dualistic Vision of Secular and Spiritual Fulfilment (Oxford: Legenda, Italian Perspectives 25, forthcoming). He is director of CEPHAS (the Centre for Excellence in Philosophy at Stone), and co-director of Cambridge Vertical Readings of Dante’s Comedy, a four-year lectura Dantis series exploring systematically the ‘vertical’ connections between cantos of the same number across all three canticles.

Anne Leone (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Notre Dame), “Distillation and Digestion in Dante’s Commedia

Amanda Weppler (PhD Candidate, Notre Dame), “Dante’s Statius”