Petrarch Seminar: "The Material Evolution of Petrarch's Fragmenta" - Wayne Storey (Indiana University)


Location: Special Collections in the Hesburgh Library

Petrarch Seminar

Wayne Storey (Indiana University) - “The Material Evolution of Petrarch's Fragmenta"

Monday, October 1 at 3.30pm in Special Collections in the Hesburgh Library 

Wayne Storey is Professor of Italian at Indiana University, where he teaches and writes on early Italian and Old Occitan literature, history and manuscript culture, textual editing, and history of the book. He is particularly known for his critical and editorial work on Petrarch, the notion and application of "visual poetics" in medieval texts, the "textual cultures" of medieval and Renaissance Italy and Occitania, and for his essays on Dante, Guittone d’Arezzo, and Monte Andrea. He is Series Editor of “Textual Cultures: Theory and Praxis” (Indiana University Press), the Editor-in-Chief of Textual Cultures: Texts, Contexts, Interpretation (formerly TEXT [Society for Textual Scholarship]) and Associate Editor of Medioevo letterario d’Italia, Dante Studies, Heliotropia, and Letteratura Italiana Antica.

The Petrarch Seminar is a series of three seminars that has been organized in connection with the graduate seminar on Petrarch offered by the Italian Studies program during the current semester. It is open to the public.