Conference: From Vernacular to Classical: The Perpetual Modernity of Palladio

Location: Bond Hall


The University of Notre Dame's School of Architecture will host a three-day conference, "From Vernacular to Classical: The Perpetual Modernity of Palladio,” June 10-12. Bringing together scholars, practitioners, educators, and students from various disciplines, the conference will explore how the Palladian tradition inspires the evolution of classical architecture.

One of the most influential architects in history, 16th-century Italian Andrea Palladio’s impact is evident throughout the United States. Buildings such as the White House, the U. S. Capitol, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the National Gallery of Art bear his imprint. Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home, Monticello, is modeled after Palladio’s famed Villa Rotonda in Vicenza, Italy.

Conference participants will reconnect Palladian ideals to the living tradition that has informed these icons of American democracy and continue to shape vital paradigms for sustainable architecture and urbanism.

Two exhibitions, “Palladio and his Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey” at the University of Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art and the “New Palladians,” an exhibition of 50 international classical architects’ work in the Bond Hall Gallery, also will be held in conjunction with the conference. 

Saturday Morning, June 11 
8:30 to 9:00 am: Registration and Coffee, Bond Hall Foyer 
9:00 to 9:15 am: Welcome, Dean Michael Lykoudis, 104 Bond Hall 
9:15 to 10:00 am: Keynote, Léon Krier, 104 Bond Hall 
10:00 to 10:30 am:“Palladio in Contemporary Academy and Practice,” Jorge Hernandez 
10:30 to 10:45 am: Morning Break 
10:30 to 12:00 pm: Concurrent Sessions: 
1) Palladio, History and Theory, 323 Bond Hall 
2) Palladio and the Urban Realm, 114 Bond Hall 
3) Palladio and His Legacy, 303 Bond Hall 
12:00 to 1:30 pm: Lunch, Oak Room, South Dining Hall (included with registration) 

Saturday Afternoon, June 11 
2:00 to 2:10 pm: Welcome, Charles R. Loving, Annenburg Auditorium, Snite Museum of Art 
2:10 to 2:45 pm: “Palladio and His Legacy” with exhibition curators Irena Murray and Charles Hind 
2:45 to 3:30 pm: “Palladio and His Legacy” Exhibition Tour, Snite Museum of Art 
3:30 to 4:00 pm: Keynote, David Watkin, Annenburg Auditorium 
4:00 to 4:30 pm: “Palladio in America,” Calder Loth 
4:30 to 5:00 pm: “Palladio in a Cold Climate,” Bruce Boucher 
5:00 to 5:30 pm: “Palladio and Vitruvius,” Thomas Gordon Smith 
5:30 to 6:30 pm: Panel Discussion, Moderated by Alireza Sagharchi 
7:00 to 9:00 pm: Dinner, Oak Room, South Dining Hall 


Conference registration is available here.

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