A Letter to Students of Italian - Spring 2021

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April 22, 2021


Gentle Italianist,


The Italian program at Notre Dame is considered one of the best in the country; ND’s Dante program is widely regarded as the best in the world. Each semester also offers a variety of courses on Modern and Contemporary Italian literature and cinema. Do take advantage of them! Suggestions:


1)  Take the intensives (ROIT10110, ROIT20215 and ROIT 20111 – NEW!):  2 semesters in one at both the elementary and intermediate levels; reach 5th semester courses in one year!  The Beginning Intensive is state-of-the-art and computer-enhanced: 3 hours of class per week plus 2 online. Both courses are offered every semester and provide an intensive and fruitful language learning experience. Note the restructured schedule for 20215. New this year is ROIT20111, a six-credit hybrid intensive course that combines second and third semesters of Italian Language study in just one semester.  


2)  Study in Italy:  either Rome or full-immersion in Bologna. And remember the CSLC and Ravarino summer-study grants!  Be aware also of the Rome International Scholars Program (research and intensive immersion in Rome).


3)  Major or Minor in Italian:  9 options in 2 concentrations, from 5 to 12 courses (see updated major and minor worksheets included in the mailing).  You can count at least two courses in English or in an allied field for any of the majors or minor. See https://romancelanguages.nd.edu/    Note:  it is an easy step from a minor to a Supplementary Major!


4)  Take the Conversation one-credit courses:  each semester, to accompany your other Italian courses and to practice your Italian with other language students, while considering specific aspects of Italian culture.  These can be taken more than once and are always offered at the intermediate and advanced levels.


5)  Attend Italian Studies events:  film series, coffee hours, Italian Club events, lectures, shows, opera broadcasts, readings, concerts, etc…  Explore and sign up for email or news feed at:  https://italianstudies.nd.edu/news-events/


6)  Study Dante: many students say it is the real purpose of an ND education, where everything finally makes sense. Dante course this coming fall:  ROIT 40115-Dante I with Prof. Ted Cachey.


7)  Write a Senior Thesis or Honors Thesis in Italian: With the Italian seminar now offered in the fall, students can begin the research and writing of their senior thesis / honors thesis as a part of the senior seminar. Please see the enclosed flyer for a detailed explanation of the thesis guidelines and deadlines.


Chi sa due lingue vive due vite”  (Pagliarani).   To know two languages is to live two lives.  If that other language is Italian, your other life will be full of beauty, art, culture, and the joy of being alive.


Tanti cari saluti,


Christian Moevs
Associate Professor of Italian
346 Decio; 631-6781; cmoevs@nd.edu