Notre Dame Announces Italian Studies Research Seminars

Author: Charles Leavitt

Italian Studies Research Seminars 2011-12

Fall Semester

15 September: Theodore J. Cachey (Notre Dame), “Cartographic Petrarch”

6 October: Francesco Ciabattoni (Georgetown), “Dante's Musical Journey: from Unholy Racket to Heavenly Polyphony”

17 November: Graduate seminar: (i) Beatrice Priest (Cambridge/Notre Dame): “Mary on Mount Purgatory: Young Mother or Virtuous Exemplar” & (ii) Emily Gandolfi (Notre Dame), “Rolandino of Padua’s Chronicle of the Trevisian March”



Spring Semester

16 February: Pierpaolo Polzonetti (Notre Dame), “Food and Opera: How to Taste Gastronomic Signs”

22 March: Graduate seminar: (i) Charles Leavitt, “What Was Neorealism?” & Sara Troyani (Notre Dame), “Making the Guidos: The Construction of Italian-American Identity in Jersey Shore”

12 April: Robert Gordon (Cambridge): “The Holocaust, Rome and the Cinema of History”