Early Modern Italian Collections at the University of Notre Dame


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Petrarca, Francesco. Le cose volgari. Impresso in Vinegia: Nelle case d'Aldo Romano, 1501

Tracy Bergstrom (University of Notre Dame/Warburg Institute): 'Early Modern Italian Collections at the University of Notre Dame'

The Book and Print Initiative was founded in 2017 to bring together scholars of books, printed material, and printing, at all career stages, across the School of Advanced Study (SAS - University of London). It is an umbrella for new and existing projects. As part of the UK’s research centre for the humanities, it provides a national focal point for the interdisciplinary, global study of word, image, and other written content from before the print era (manuscripts, palaeography, codicology) through to its future (digital humanities).

The Book and Print Initiative unites the study of printed material as a physical object with the information it contains and its influence on society. Rejecting the conventional limits of ‘text and image’, its inclusive remit spans artefacts of bindings to zoological illustrations.

The Book and Print Initiative’s directors are Raphaële Mouren (Warburg Institute) and Elizabeth Savage (Institute of English Studies).

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