Workshop: Dante's Antipurgatorio IV


Location: Zoom

The Center for Italian Studies and the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies will host a series of workshops on the first nine cantos of Dante's Purgatorio and associated themes.

The main aim of the series is to begin to assess the functions, structures, and principal concerns of the "Ante-Purgatory," arguably the most original section of Dante's afterlife.

In this fourth session, Caroline Dormor (Oxford) will discuss Purgatorio VII and VIII.

Other workshop participants are: Zygmunt BaraƄski (Notre Dame), Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. (Notre Dame), George Corbett (St Andrews), James C. Kriesel (Villanova), Giuseppe Ledda (Bologna), Anna Pegoretti (Roma Tre), Federica Pich (Trento), and Heather Webb (Cambridge).

Participation in this workshop is by invitation only.