Public Seminar: "Dante, Inferno 31: A Canto for the Boys?" - Martin McLaughlin (Oxford)


Location: Hayes-Healy Center, Room 129

Martin McLaughlin (University of Oxford) - "Dante, Inferno 31: A Canto For the Boys?"

A Public Workshop and Seminar in connection with Zygmunt Baranski's Graduate Course, "Dante's World of Books"

Tuesday, April 2nd from 2-5pm in the Hayes-Healy Center, Room 129

Martin McLaughlin is Agnelli-Serena Professor of Italian at Oxford, and a Fellow of Magdalen College. He has published widely on Italian literature from the Middle Ages to the present, including Literary Imitation in the Italian Renaissance (OUP, 1995) and Italo Calvino (Edinburgh UP, 1998). He has co-edited and contributed to a number of volumes: Petrarch in Britain (British Academy/OUP, 2007), Dante the Lyric and Ethical Poet (Legenda, 2010), The Pre-Raphaelites and Italy (Ashmolean Museum, 2010).  He has also translated works by Italo Calvino – Why Read the Classics? (Cape, 1999), Hermit in Paris: Autobiographical Writings (Cape, 2003), The Complete Cosmicomics (Penguin, 2009), Into the War (Penguin, 1911) – and Umberto Eco – On Literature (Secker & Warburg, 2005).

Suggested Readings for the Workshop

The books where these articles and chapters may be found are on reserve at the Circulation Desk at the Hesburgh Library in case you would like to read them, with the exception of those that are accessible online. Some of the articles most highly recommended for reading have also been put on e-reserves under Zygmunt Baranski's course. Please ask the Circulation Desk for access to these materials if you do not already have it.

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