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The Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, one of the most famous libraries of the world and the oldest in Europe, was founded between 1603 and 1609. Italian Studies at Notre Dame has initiated a series of collaborative projects with the Ambrosiana Library including a joint bibliographic project; a seminar on paleography and the history of the book; support for the digital reproduction of selected manuscripts; and participation by senior Notre Dame scholars in the Ambrosiana research groups. 

The relationship with the Ambrosiana Library is a special one. At Notre Dame, we have the microfilm of the Ambrosiana's collections, making it an ideal fit for a program of collaboration that aims to bring together researchers in paleography, manuscript studies and literary studies from late antiquity through the renaissance, and to train and develop Notre Dame graduate students in these areas.

Leonardo da Vinci

During the spring of 2012, Classics Professor Martin Bloomer conducted research and teaching in the fields of paleography and Latin literature at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana of Milan under the auspices of Italian Studies at Notre Dame. Twelve students traveled with Professor Bloomer to Milan where they spent eight days of intensive study of books and manuscripts from the Ambrosiana collections. The students were fortunate to participate in seminar sessions conducted especially for them by Monsignor Federico Gallo, Director of the "Classe di Studi Greci e Latini" (Class of Greek and Latin Studies) of the Accademia Ambrosiana. This project is being repeated during 2012-2013, alongside the other collaborative initiatives being developed with the Ambrosiana Library.

(Photo of the Ambrosiana Library by Elekhh.)


Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana/Notre Dame: Individual and Collaborative Research Awards

Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, in collaboration with Italian Studies at Notre Dame, invites individual scholars or groups of scholars—including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows—to propose individual and/or scholarly projects in collaboration with the Biblioteca Ambrosiana.

Projects eligible for funding might include:

• Individual research projects that make use of Biblioteca Ambrosiana holdings in Milan or at Notre Dame.

• Group projects, including workshops and seminars that utilize holdings of the Ambrosiana Library. Such projects might take place at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, at Notre Dame, or at the Rome Global Gateway.

• Lectures or seminars to be presented by scholars associated with the Ambrosiana Library. Such lectures might take place at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, at Notre Dame, or at Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway.

Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and awards will be made until all available funding for academic year 2014-2015 is used.

Award Range: For group scholarly projects, the maximum award is $10,000 and for individuals, the maximum award is $2,500. 

Eligibility: Scholars including faculty, postdoctoral fellows and/or graduate students from Notre Dame proposing research using materials of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, or collaborations with scholars affiliated with the Biblioteca Ambrosiana to be undertaken at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, in the Rome Global Gateway, or at Notre Dame.

Application materials: Please send a C.V., a proposal of less than 750 words that describes the project, and a detailed budget to Cost sharing is encouraged and should be included in the proposed budget.

A report on the findings of the research will be expected upon completion of the project.