University of Notre Dame

Center for Italian Studies



Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures
Provides space and programming for foreign language-culture exposure, interaction and communication combined with innovative technology and effective foreign language pedagogy.

Department of Classics
Offers courses in ancient Greek and Latin language and literature, as well as history, archaeology, art, religion and philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Includes also instruction in Arabic and other Semitic languages, with related courses in Arabic and Islamic literature and history.

Department of Film, Television, and Theatre
Offers a variety of courses focusing on Italian Cinema and Theatre.

Department of History
Offers a variety of courses in the ancient, medieval, and modern history of the Italian peninsula.

Department of Music
Offers courses in the Italian musical traditions.

Department of Theology
Offers courses in the history and development of the Roman Catholic Church.

Devers Program in Dante Studies
Sponsors visiting professors and scholars, lectures, research travel grants, postdoctoral appointments, seminars, conferences, exhibits, Internet development, publications, and collection development.

The Hesburgh Library
A great destination for teaching, learning and research. The main library at the University of Notre Dame, its impressive holdings include theZahm Dante Collection, which totals nearly 3,000 volumes  and ranks among the top Dante collections in North America.

Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning
Sponsors a variety of workshops, presentations, and consultations that highlight best teaching practices and assist teaching faculty.

The Leeds Center for Dante Studies
Promotes interdisciplinary study of Dante within the University of Leeds and beyond. Its innovative program includes collaborative research activities and the support of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Medieval Institute
Offers a prestigious graduate program, a relevant lecture and conference schedule, and an exceptional library.

Nanovic Institute for European Studies
Operates in the area of modern European studies and funds graduate and undergraduate research and travel, visiting scholars, graduate fellowships, faculty research, conferences, lectures, and publication.

Office of International Studies
Sponsors the Rome Program for undergraduate students from the Colleges of Arts & Letters, Business, Science and Engineering.

Ph.D in Literature
Offers an innovative interdisciplinary program which focuses on the study of literature from a transnational and intercultural perspective.

Program of Liberal Studies
Offers a three-year program specializing in the Western and Catholic traditions.

Rome Humanities Center
Draws together advanced work by Notre Dame faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students; hosts conferences and symposia; serves as the intellectual crossroads for Notre Dame undergraduates studying in Rome.  

School of Architecture
Sponsors the prestigious Rome Studies Program during which architecture students spend either a year or a semester in Rome studying urbanism, classical architecture and the design of contemporary buildings.

Snite Museum of Art
The Snite Museum of Art features collections that place it among the finest university art museums in the nation. It contains over 24,000 works representing many of the principal cultures and periods of world art history. The Snite is also home to a significant number of prints by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778).

The Zahm Collection in Dante Studies
The Zahm Dante Collection ranks among the top Dante collections in North America. 15th- and 16th-century imprints form the heart of the Dante collection, which totals nearly 3,000 volumes. Rare editions and critical studies ranging from the Renaissance to the present include eight incunabula and almost every edition published in the 16th century.