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Graduate Programs

Statue of Dante Alighieri, Santa Croce, Florence, Italy

Graduate students at Notre Dame may pursue graduate degrees in Italian Studies on multiple tracks, and may also approach Italy through our affiliated programs and institutes:

Ph.D. in Italian
The Ph.D. in Italian is a highly selective program that teaches and trains students working in the field of Italian Studies.

Ph.D. in History/Italian
Notre Dame offers a well-established program in Medieval, early modern and modern European History, with particular strengths in religious, intellectual, and political history.

Ph.D. in Medieval Studies/ Italian
Notre Dame’s renowned Medieval Institute offers a program that provides its students with critical and methodological tools essential to medievalists with a strong interest in Italian literature.

M.ADU-M.Arch in Architecture
Two graduate degrees are offered in three paths of study. Both the two-year Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism and the two-year Master of Architecture degree include one semester of studio work in Rome.

M.A. in Art History
The department offers a Master of Arts degree in art history addressing Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, and Modern/Contemporary Western art.

B.A.-M.A. in Art History
Designed for well-qualified Notre Dame students who are interested in earning a combined under- graduate/graduate degree in Art History.

M.A in Early Christian Studies
Offered by the Department of Classics in association with the Department of Theology. Students learn at least two ancient Christian languages and literatures and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the intellectual, historical, and social contexts of early Christianity.

M.A in Classics
The Department of Classics at Notre Dame offers a funded, 2-year M.A. program in Classics, covering the language, literature, history and culture of the Greco-Roman world. Students will choose from several possible areas of emphasis, including language and literature, history, philosophy, and late antiquity.  The program will admit its first students for Fall 2011.

M.A. in Italian Studies
Normally a two-year program, but students with a laurea (or foreign Ph.D.) in Italian literature may complete it in one year.

B.A.-M.A. in Italian Studies
Designed for particularly-advanced undergraduate students, this continuing degree allows them to complete a master's degree with a fifth year of study.