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Community-Based Outreach to be Included in Italian Language Program

This year, the ROIT 10102 – Elementary Italian II classes at Notre Dame has been revamped to include a community-based outreach element in the curriculum. During the fall of 2016, the Special Professional Faculty members in Italian participated in an International Night for students of Harrison Primary Center, a local elementary school in South Bend, IN. This successful event, which focused on presenting the students with some typical children’s music, treats, cultural information and brief engagement with the language, convinced the Italian faculty of the possibilities of an ongoing partnership with a local elementary school and its students. 


All this year, Notre Dame Italian language students in the second level, under the direction of Profs. Tiziana Serafini, Patrick Vivirito, Alessia Blad, Katie Boyle and Lesley Marcantonio, have visited Darden Primary Center, another South Bend elementary school, to teach the students some children’s songs in Italian. We have seen the benefits of music in our program through the great success of our spring Italian concerts and view music as the perfect way to introduce the students at Darden to the Italian language and culture. And in fact, these students will join us on stage to perform their songs at our next spring concert on April 13, 2018! 

The Italian program looks forward to welcoming the Darden 2nd-graders and their families to campus and this wonderful celebration of Italian music.