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Co-Chairs of Italian Studies at Notre Dame

Theodore J Cachey, Jr.

Albert J. and Helen M. Ravarino Family Director of Dante and Italian Studies, Co-chair of Italian Studies, inaugural director of Notre Dame's Rome Global Gateway

Cachey specializes in Italian Medieval and Renaissance literature. He has authored, edited and co-edited several books, including Le isole fortunate (1994); Pigafetta's First Voyage Around the World (1995, 2007); Dante Now (1995); Petrarch's Guide to the Holy Land (2002), Le culture di Dante (2004), Dante and Petrarch: Anti-dantism, Metaphysics, Tradition (2009). His essays have appeared in Annali d'Italianistica, Belfagor, California Italian Studies, Intersezioni, The Italianist, Italica, The History of Cartography, Modern Language Notes, Schede umanistiche, and Rivista di letteratura italiana.

Elizabeth Forbis Mazurek

Chair of the Department of Classics, Co-chair of Italian Studies

Mazurek’s interests include Latin literature, Roman epigraphy, Roman history, and women and gender in classical antiquity. Her book, Municipal Virtues in the Roman Empire (Teubner 1996), examines the epigraphical language of praise in Roman municipalities during the empire. Her current research focuses on Roman Elegy.


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